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battery pack

The analyzer's rechargeable main battery is a built-in component. If the battery appears to discharge too rapidly, it may need to be replaced. To evaluate the strength of the battery:
1.  Charge the battery.
a.  Turn the master power switch at the back of the analyzer to the ON position (push toward "-").
b.  Plug the charger wall adapter into a wall outlet and plug the charger into the back of the analyzer.
c.  You should see the message CHARGING BATTERY.
d.  If you do not see the charging message the battery charger is not working properly and it should be replaced. Contact Technical Support.
e.  If you see the charging message, charge the analyzer for 14 to 16 hours.
f.  Operate the analyzer under normal conditions. If the analyzer still appears to discharge too quickly:
2.  Run the battery test. (Note: this test requires a full paper roll).

a.  Install a full roll of paper in the analyzer. See loading paper.
b.  Contact Technical Support for further instructions.
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