electrode care and storage
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electrode care and storage

Proper care and handling of your sensor pad electrodes is extremely important when administering a bioimpedance test. Using unsuitable, old, or dried-out electrodes can lead to unexpected results or error messages with your analyzer.

Maximize Life
To maximize the life and care of your electrodes, we recommend the following:

1. Open only a single package of electrodes at a time.

2. Once a package has been opened, try to use the electrodes within 30 days. It is often a good idea to mark on the outside of the package the date the package was opened.

3. To store electrodes, reseal the electrode package by folding over the open end and placing the package in an airtight container or resealable bag to ensure the remaining electrodes will not dry out. Electrodes will dry out quickly if left open and exposed to the elements. Keep the electrodes in a cool dry place and avoid storage of the electrodes where they may be subject to excessive heat or cold.

4.Unopened packages of electrodes have a shelf life of approximately 15 to 24 months depending upon the expiration date stated on the package. Never use electrodes that are past the expiration date.

Other Key Points of Care
Electrodes are designed to be disposable items and not reused. Reusing electrodes can cause unexpected results. In addition, for clean and hygienic practices, electrodes should only be used once.

We do not recommend cutting electrodes in half, as this will result in inconsistent results. Instead, use the whole electrode to ensure proper adhesion and pad placement on the skin.
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