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field calibration

Our meters measure impedance precisely independent of the amount of capacitance in the measurement. When measuring human subjects this capability is critical. The meters are of a solid-state digital design. Normally they do not drift or require recalibration.

However, the accuracy of the meter can be confirmed in the field with the use of a test plug. The test plug simulates the bioimpedance of the human body. The plug can be obtained by contacting Technical Support.

To use the test plug:

1. Remove the sensor cables from the connector at the back of the analyzer.
2. Insert the test plug into the connector on the back of the analyzer.
3. Turn the analyzer on.
4. Press the DATA key. Enter data representative of an actual subject.
5. Press the TEST key twice.
6. When the results are displayed press the OHMS key. Note the resistance value. Results should compare with the value of the test plug.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 above to confirm results.

If the readings are outside of the range printed on the plug, then the meter requires recalibration. If you have any questions please contact Technical Support.
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