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The BIA 310 Bioimpedance Analyzer is a portable, battery-powered bioimpedance (BIA) analyzer. Subject assessments are conducted using a connection between the analyzer and the wrist and ankle of the subject. Connections to the subject are through standard ECG sensor pad electrodes. Resistance and reactance, the two components of impedance, are measured directly from the body. Using regression analysis the analyzer computes:

Resistance (R)
Reactance (X)

Lean Body Weight (or Fat-Free Mass)
Fat Body Weight (or Fat Mass)
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Total Body Water (TBW)
TBW/Body Weight
TBW/Lean Weight

Results are printed using the analyzer's built-in thermal printer. The analyzer is powered by a built-in battery pack. Carrying case, battery charger, patient cable, sensor pad electrodes, print rolls, and user's guide are included.
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