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body capacitance

Body capacitance is the total energy storage capacity of the body cell mass compartment. A high capacitance is an indicator of large quantities of intact cellular membranes. A low capacitance indicates lower quantities of intact cellular membranes. Capacitance is determined by the number and quality of cell membranes contained within the body cell mass compartment.

Body capacitance causes the effect on an electrical current in the body that is called reactance. The bioimpedance analyzer measures the effect of the stored charge on an electrical current (reactance) instead of measuring the stored charge directly.

In general, capacitance and reactance track each other. A high capacitance or high reactance indicates large quantities of intact cellular membranes.

It is important to note that capacitance is related to quantity of body cell mass as well as its quality. A large body cell mass compartment with a low intact cell-density might have the same capacitance as a small body cell mass with a high intact cell-density. So, it is possible to see a decline in capacitance due to weight loss in an otherwise healthy patient.

Specifically, the formula for capacitance (C) in terms of measured reactance and resistance is:

     C = 107 / π * X / (X2 + R2)

The analyzer provides capacitance as a handy alternative to reactance for practitioners accustomed to using body capacitance in their practices.
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