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charging your analyzer

Battery Powered
The analyzer is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. A full battery charge provides enough power to test and print reports for over 100 patients.

Charging the Analyzer
A battery charger is included with the analyzer. To charge the unit connect the charger to the back of the unit and plug the charger into a standard electrical outlet. Be sure the master power switch at the back of the unit is in the ON position (indicated by the "-" symbol on the switch). Charge the analyzer for 14 to 16 hours. When charging, the analyzer will display its percent charge level. When the unit is fully charged, it displays 99%.

Checking the Battery Charge
There are three ways to check the battery charge level. As the analyzer is charging, the percentage charge is displayed. The charge level is also displayed when the analyzer is first turned on. When the analyzer is on, the charge level can be reviewed by first pressing the SYS key until the battery charge level is displayed.

In addition, when the battery charge is low asterisks (*) flash in the middle of the screen. If you see this symbol, the battery will have enough charge for about 10 tests and printouts.

Recommended Charging Procedure
For maximum battery life we recommend waiting until the analyzer charge level is below 25% before recharging the battery. However, you can charge the battery at any time.
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