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The equations used in the analyzer were developed to accurately estimate the body composition of adults. In addition, the analyzer uses special equations developed for children three years and older to estimate fat-free mass (FFM) and total body water (TBW).

The test results may be applied as follows:

Parameters Applicable Age Group
phase angle,
body capacitance
children and adults
resistance, reactance children and adults
fat-free mass, fat mass children and adults
body mass index children and adults
basal metabolic rate children and adults
total body water children and adults
body cell mass,
extracellular mass
ECM/BCM adults
intracellular water,
extracellular water

For infants, the analyzer may be safely used to measure resistance, reactance, phase angle, and body capacitance. These results may be viewed by pressing the PHASE key.

In general, the higher the resistance reading, the greater the percentage fat mass. The higher the phase angle reading, the greater the body cell mass. Current research has not yielded equations which provide continuously satisfactory body composition results for this age group.
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