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If you are experiencing problems printing, observe the following troubleshooting procedure to isolate the problem:

1.  Turn the master power switch at the back of the unit to the ON position and make sure the analyzer is well charged.
2.  Press the ON key and allow the analyzer to complete its self-test. Then press the DATA key.
3.  Remove the printer door, press the PRINT key, and observe whether the print head (a black plastic part with steel retaining clip) moves back and forth across the printer.
4.  If the print head moves across the printer but does not print or if the print quality is poor, check for the following conditions:
a.  Paper is backwards. The thermal paper for this printer is printable only on one side. Refer to loading paper for proper paper installation instructions. Unload and reload paper according to these instructions.
b.  Wrong paper. Standard paper will not work with this printer. The paper must be thermal paper purchased specifically for this printer. Contact Sales or the printer manufacturer, Seiko Instruments.
c.  Damaged printer platen. The printer platen is a soft spring-loaded nylon bar on which the paper rides. It holds the paper firmly under constant pressure up against the print head as the print head moves back and forth. To see the platen, remove the paper according to the instructions loading paper. With no paper in the printer, press the PRINT key. Observe whether the print head moves smoothly across the platen and that the platen holds firmly up against the print head. If the platen appears to be dislodged, broken, or has lost its tension, the printer must be replaced. Contact Technical Support for further instructions.
d.  If you have completed (a), (b), and (c) above and the printer still does not print, contact Technical Support for further instructions.
5.  If the print head DOES NOT MOVE across the printer, contact Technical Support for further instructions.
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