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Nutrition, Volume 15, Nos. 11/12, 1999.

Bioelectrical impedance methods in clinical research: a follow-up to the NIH technology assessment conference.

Kenneth J. Ellis, Stacey J. Bell, Glenn M. Chertow, W. Cameron Chumlea, Tamsin A. Knox, Donald P. Kotler, Henry C. Lukaski, Dale A. Schoeller.

Abstract: In 1994, the National Institutes of Health convened a Technology Assessment Conference "to provide physicians with a responsible assessment of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology for body composition measurement." In 1997, Serono Symposia USA, Inc., organized an invited panel of scientists and clinicians, with extensive research and clinical experience with BIA, to provide an update. Panel members presented reviews based on their own work and published studies for the intervening years. Updates were provided on the single and multifrequency BIA methods and models; continued clinical research experiences; efforts toward establishing population reference norms; and the feasibility of establishing guidelines for potential use of BIA in a clinical setting. This report provides a summary of the panel's findings including a consensus on several technical and clinical issues related to the research use of BIA, and those areas that are still in need of additional study.
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