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Percent Body Fat
The amount of fat in the body expressed as a percentage of total body weight.

Fat Body Weight (or Fat Mass)
Fat body weight is the total weight of all fat in the body. Fat consists of all the extractable lipids from adipose and other tissues in the body. External or outer adipose tissue is often referred to as subcutaneous fat, and internal or deep adipose tissue is referred to as visceral fat.

Lean Body Weight (or Fat-Free Mass)
Lean body weight is the total amount of lean (nonfat) parts of the body. It consists of approximately 73% water, 20% protein, 6% mineral, and 1% ash. Lean body weight contains virtually all the body's water, all the metabolically active tissues, and is the source of all metabolic caloric expenditure.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories consumed at a normal resting state over a 24-hour period. BMR is based solely on an individual's lean body weight.

Total Body Water (TBW)
Total body water is the amount of water contained in the body expressed in liters.

Total Body Water as a Percentage of Body Weight
The amount of water contained in the body expressed as a percentage of total body weight. Men generally have between 50 and 60 percent water to body weight and women have between 45 and 60 percent.

Total Body Water as a Percentage of Lean Weight
The amount of water contained in the body expressed as a percentage of lean body weight. Normal percentages (or hydration levels) indicate that lean body weight contains approximately 69 to 74 percent water.

Bioresistance (R)
Bioresistance (or resistance) is the effect on an alternating current that is caused by resistivity or the energy dissipating characteristics of the body. Resistance is measured directly from the human body by the bioimpedance analyzer.

A low resistance is consistent with large amounts of lean body weight (or fat-free mass). A high resistance is consistent with low amounts of lean body weight.

Target Recommendations
After a test, the analyzer automatically provides target recommendations for Percent Body Fat, Total Weight, Fat Weight, Lean Weight, Weight to Lose and BMR. Recommendations are based on the following optimal body fat values which are stored in the analyzerís memory:

Subject's Age Optimal Fat Levels
  Male Female
  < 20  15 19
20 - 29 16 20
30 - 39 17 21
40 - 49 18 22
50 - 59 19 23
60 +   20 24

Initial recommendations are based on target fat values equal to either the subjectís current percent fat or the optimal percent fat value, whichever is smaller. Recommendations may be adjusted by using the TARGET key. Refer to setting targets for information on adjusting target recommendations.
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